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Where do you go to, oh traveler?

One of the leading exponents of Juju music – a Yoruba popular music genre, sang about someone who travelled all over the world. The traveler mentioned in the song was a schoolmate of my father’s, I was surprised to discover. Back in the day, the wayfarer in question...

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On and on with the repetition

In the days when I led bands, it was always interesting to hear the musicians from a French speaking African background referring to a rehearsal as a repetition. Depending on the techniques used by various artistes, repetition could be regarded as a key element in...

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The cart and horse in performing arts

A colleague who has moved on to a different way of life was once inspired to start a performing arts company. She was diligent in selecting a suitable business model and went through all the required steps to formally constitute her enterprise. Gifted at networking,...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music