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Animal, mineral, physical, spiritual

In one of the old movies starring Marilyn Monroe, there was a scene where an adolescent boy told her she had “animal magnetism”. It’s unlikely that anyone would disagree with the boy’s observation, but it was still humorous in an “out of the mouths of babes” sort of...

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Where have all the dandies gone?

Lest I forget, I would like to pay tributes to the dandies and fops of a certain age, who don’t allow the expectations of those with conservative mindsets to deter them from expressing creative ideas in the way they dress. Back in the day, when a certain improvising...

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Opportunistic tricks

Some call it “obeying the breeze”. Others regard it as being opportunistic. It takes a specific sort of knack to visualise new possibilities and to make the most of events and circumstances as they happen. Those who have this attribute are probably able to make...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music