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Dancing with conflict

I’ve read books by record business veterans who claim their artistes tend to be most productive when they have to deal with conflict .In the opinion of these managers, a little conflict is useful for the bank balance, so they aim to find ways to allow resentments to...

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Freedom of creative spirit

As an artist, my work is an adult form of what children do when they play. Providence has created situations where I can spend lots of time with children, giving them access to opportunities to become ambitious in the context of playing. I am able to remain in touch...

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Does it pay to remain silent?

In a situation where it feels prudent to be silent, it doesn’t mean that communication isn’t happening. The difficulty in such situations is creating real understanding. Facial expressions and gestures can be interpreted in many different ways. Hearing a voice...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music