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Misplaced trust

Dependability is wonderful quality to known for. In my experience, it took a very long time to realise that each of us can probably benefit the most from learning how to depend on one’s self as much as possible. So many stories of conflict within families,...

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Energy flow and theatre making processes

When I was a university student, I spent a considerable amount of time with theatre arts students, even though I wasn’t ready to dip a toe in the waters of that art form. One thing I sensed from Nigerian theatre arts students of that era was a sort of weariness. Was...

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Mixing energies of the spirits

In the days when I took an active interest in religions from heritages different to my own, I was intrigued to discover similarities in attitudes towards the possible presence and involvement of spirits (who could be either well meaning or malevolent) in our lives,...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music