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Entertainers Worldwide Registered Opera Singer


All change, please

I’m guessing that there are some folks who are very happy with their lives and wouldn’t want to change a thing. Many others express dissatisfaction with the breaks they have, which could be based on the heritages they were born into. Sometimes, a highly prosperous...

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Documented work

At early stages on my path as a creator, I was attracted to projects that made me feel passionate. They usually gave me a feeling of emotional commitment that sustained me through any difficulties I might have encountered in collaborating with colleagues who had other...

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The price of showing up

The idea of putting one’s head over the parapet is a noble one, which sometimes results in a lasting reputation for the person in question. Every situation brings its own set of pros and cons and a person often needs to look closely at these, to be clear about the...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music