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Heritage from the mainland

I’ve always associated the Masai people with Kenya, so it was interesting to see men of that heritage in Zanzibar, dressed in their traditional clothes. In some ways, their look is similar to the traditional dressing of Asante and other Ghanaian heritages, inasmuch as...

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Being fashionable

German, Khamis Sela and little old me! A young person in Zanzibar asked me about making fashionable popular music, in the vein of many hip hop inspired artists from Africa and I told him I’m past the age of chasing that sort of attention. He seemed puzzled and wanted...

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Frozen impressions

On the grounds of Mahurubi Palace, Zanzibar, with Farouque and German When old friends and associates get together after spending time apart from each other in different countries, it is interesting to reflect on how much they have moved on in their personal journeys...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music