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Ready for the mainstream

After the Berlin Wall came down (in 1989, I believe), the global media became interested in the music of some composers from Eastern Europe such as Gorecki and Arvo Paart. The record business started investing money in promoting recordings of their works and their...

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I will follow

Is it possible that a time will come when leadership will be appreciated in the fullness of what it can entail? How much does a leader need to do to inspire others to follow? Cultures and traditions have provided us with prototypes of group dynamics that are useful...

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Cycles of expression

Folks with age and experience claim that trends tend to come and go in cycles. Reflecting on events of the last half century, it seems like there is some truth in this notion. If one likens the range of trends likely to take hold of public attention to suitcases on an...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music