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Paths in the arts

“Tending to my inner garden” is the way I used to describe the work I needed to do to remain creatively engaged. Nowadays I look at videos of folks who committed their lives to being involved in the arts and I can see that there are many potential pitfalls along the...

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Sensitivity and travel

It takes a lot to keep folks happy when they come from a wide range of backgrounds and they travel together. The “one size fits all” approach is likely to bring up resentful feelings. On one occasion, I arrived with a group of performers in a city that has wonderful...

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More thoughts about wordsmiths

Following on from the thoughts I expressed about the ascension of rhyming wordsmiths in the record business, perhaps it would be helpful to provide a context. Words have power. When they are put together with talent and flair, they can convey a lot of meaning. Much...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music