Godfrey King, Anglo-Japanese Society of Wessex

“I first met Juwon in 2010 when he first presented his musical talents and fine baritone voice into regular concerts I organise. He is flexible with the style of songs he sings, as his ‘Life Force Music’ CD illustrates, and other musical offerings indicating a notable and talented composer and arranger and ability as a pianist,. theatrical producer and educator working with various groups as his biographical details and web site gives some insight into.

His the USA late last year, indicates how in demand he is. Although his African Heritage is important to him it never over-rides everything he does. His infectious spirit to ‘have a go’ inspires those around him. His courtesy and calmness never seem to waver and his honesty as an individual never in question.”

Daniela Rosselson De Armas
Musical Director of the London Lucumi Choir

“In my role as Director of the London Lucumi Choir, I worked with Juwon on a project called “Time and the Trickster’s Heart” which was an original composition that Juwon had been commissioned to do for our choir. We performed it with the help of Arts Council funding in December 2009 and we received further funding to add dancers by the BBC Performing Arts Fund.

It gives me great pleasure to write this reference for Juwon since not only is he a brilliant composer and songwriter, but he is extremely organized, efficient and professional. He is very easy to work and collaborate with. He is also an accomplished bandleader and performer.”

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