Soundsplash – Juwon Ogungbe – Dodo Ikire

Feeling the Pulse – A short video biography about composer Juwon Ogungbe by┬áviolinist Dana Bevard


A Rockumentally conversation with Juwon Ogungbe – Spiritual Practice

produced by underyourskin

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Highlights

A lesson on “Feeling the Pulse” with Rachael Barton Pine and her daughter, Sylvia

Mister Sancho

Walking David Oluwale’s Leeds with Joe Williams and Juwon Ogungbe
Big Sing Workshops at Alexandra Palace
African Art Music

Recorded at the University of Richmond

Afrika Rising spotlight on Juwon Ogungbe
Long Lost Love. Juwon Ogungbe’s Life Force Music: Live at The Ritzy, Brixton – July 2012

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