Composer : Performer

Music Theatre Pieces performed
by Juwon Ogungbe Ensemble (and Solo)

2003 to 1990

2003 Temptation Premiered in Lewisham Library, London

2003 A Friend in Need Various London Schools

2000 Dwellers of Heaven Premiered at The Commonwealth Club,London

1997 Tales From a Mobile Bureau de Change
Teatro Technis, London and The Cochrane Theatre, London

1996 Three Meet Again
Conway Hall, London and Congregational Hall, Nottingham

1994 Britiko ICA More Respect Season

1993 Confessions of an Afro Soul UK Tour

1992 A Voyage Across the Rainbow Africa Centre

1992-3 Early Morning Wahala UK Tour

1990 Elasto’s First Crusade Zurich International Theatre Festival