‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ is time honoured saying. Indeed, it is useful to know what the drill is, when one is faced with an unfamiliar situation. Reflecting about exploration and migration through the ages however, one wonders whether or not to take the advice to heart.

What happened when explorers, entrepreneurs and missionaries left Europe for Africa and other continents, back in the day? How did they behave in the places where they settled?

Conditioning and power dynamics have influenced folks of African descent, making us feel we need to assimilate and take on attitudes that don’t feel natural to us, as members of minority communities in Eurocentric locations.

Some of us are quicker studies than others. Gaining access to the inner sanctums of those who would like to preserve a status quo that isn’t committed to the upholding of equality in the eyes of the law or the system suits them fine.

The rest of us don’t have to do as they do. Other options are available to choose from.


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