A well chosen image from a shared past is enough to jog haunting memories. Past experiences were only too real at one point in time, even though the recollections might raise a few chuckles, or even come across to others as ‘civilised’.

Defining moments are sometimes glossed over with regard to details. When they are revisited, conversations appear to be more balanced and reasonable than they seemed. Minds already made up were not going to be swayed off course, and probably for good reasons, when the bigger picture is looked at.

What is there to be learnt from these reassessments? Intuition is a powerful tool in the kit of anyone willing to listen. If only one had the wherewithal to understand this at a younger age…

In facing the present moment, there are opportunities to get back in touch with the purity of one’s feelings. What could be luckier than having yet another chance to get things right?

These jogged memories are sent to teach us about making the optimum use of the time we have.


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