There was a time when I was unfamiliar with the term ‘work-in-progress’. I found myself struggling to cope in situations where tasks were set to create things and I was expected to present or share what I had done, when I wasn’t ready.

Some of my contemporaries at the time were more exposed to that particular way of generating ideas. They weren’t always patient or compassionate in expressing their views about my discomfort, but eventually I learnt the drill.

Once the approach had been internalised, it became part of my own vocabulary as an artist and I had many experiences with colleagues, mentees and community performers where the same issue kept on cropping up about not wanting to present unfinished or unpolished work.

In actual fact, most creative activity needs to be open to external feedback before it is completed.

Is it possible that this dynamic could be essential in the process of birthing new cultural movements and genres?

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