Motivation makes many of us get up in the morning with a sense of purpose. It helps us to have things to look forward to. With any luck, we get to make some progress, heading in the direction of our dreams. It is easy however to forget that none of us has infinite time or energy to make them come true.

2019 is still quite young, but already there have been several reports of people running out of steam. Sometimes they were folks who lived to a ripe old age, but with others, there is a lingering feeling that they had a lot to offer the world and are no longer able to do so, with earthly presence.

Is it possible that our dreams and goals are red herrings and that our life purposes are much more related to knowing who we are in the purest sense?

If this is the case, each individual can be the only genuine assessor of how successful he or she has been in life, when the moment of reckoning arrives.

With this thought one can safely return to the truism that we are here to be, much more than we are here to do things.