Encountering a group of people I’ve never met before, I am usually inclined towards listening and observing carefully. I am mindful of the need to learn the drill in any social setting before I start expressing needs or things I want.

Group dynamics give me a sense of direction. It doesn’t matter whether anyone gets the impression that I’m an introvert or not. I function like this because I’ve learnt to be humble.

Much has been said about the world having enough space for all of us. Perhaps it’s a sweeping generalisation to say or even think so, but we can all contribute towards making our group processes and journeys as peaceful and amicable as possible.

There is a time and place for exuberance and flamboyant excess. Sometimes, effective communication is affected for better or worse, by our awareness as individuals of when to ebb and flow, or bob and weave.

Humans share many things in common, but we are also diverse in our likes, dislikes, traditions or taboos, etc.