Crossing the river from Tate Modern to St Paul’s on the ‘wobbly bridge’ (as one does), the skyline has been dominated by the Cathedral dome designed by Wren, from time immemorial.

Now however, there seem to be some rivals for a viewer’s attention from that vantage point – modern creativity doesn’t always lead to the building of ‘monstrous carbuncles’.

The ‘carbuncle’ once referred to as ‘monstrous’ is one of my favourite places to meet people, north of the Thames.

When individuals manage to shake off the psychological shackles of narratives, peddled for ages, the sky is indeed the limit for our capacities to create new things.

It is in spirit of this thought that I invite you to buy my new book, out on Amazon – All Roads Lead To Peace. Join me tomorrow in Brixton for the book’s launch, if you can.


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