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Journey with Juwon Ogungbe as he turns the silence of a world paused into a symphony of stories in his first book, All Roads  Lead to Peace. This treasure trove is a collection of travels, tunes, and theatrical tales that bring us closer, despite our differences.

This book sprang to life during a time of solitude. It’s an invitation from Juwon—a renowned composer and singer—to delve into the colourful weave of our cultures. Sixty podcast episodes from his acclaimed series, Multiverse, have transformed into this written anthology.

A psychic in the USA once told Juwon he’d write a memorable book. That book is now here, exploring the world’s vibrant cultures and the threads that connect them  – the result of a friend’s nudge and a clairvoyant’s insight, combined with Juwon’s rich experiences.

The grand reveal of All Roads Lead to Peace” is set for Easter Sunday, 31st of March 2024. We’re throwing a celebration at the Myatts Field South Community Hall in Brixton, London. Expect a unique mini concert from Juwon, readings from the book, and an engaging talk with Chukwunyere Kamalu of the African Society of Earth Scientists.

Juwon’s journey—from the solitude of semi-rural America to his artist profile streaming on Spotify—has been a buildup to this moment. His pen has brought nearly 200 podcast episodes to life. And now, All Roads Lead to Peace is ready to find a home on Amazon and in the hearts of readers everywhere.

It’s not just about reading. It’s about experiencing a universe of connections and the harmony of shared stories. All Roads Lead to Peace” is your gateway to the Multiverse. Open it, step through, and be part of the peace we’re all seeking.

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Origin, new EP by Juwon Ogungbe
Origin, new EP by Juwon Ogungbe

About Juwon Ogungbe

Juwon Ogungbe is a distinguished classical singer and composer, as well as a performer in various other genres. He has composed for the BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Southbank Centre, among others. In 2018, his operatic works were in various stages of development at Opera North, Grimeborn Opera Festival (Arcola Theatre) and Dhow Countries Music Academy in Zanzibar. In 2021 he has released Glisten and Burn – another EP and his opera King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba was recently presented in a memorable production for Freedom in the City – Festival of Learning in Bath, England.

Audience Feedback from online screening of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba:


‘Hi , enjoyed the performance! Saturday evening at the Opera on a platter right in the comfort of my living room! A real treat! Thanks everyone, great performance, and to Ali for invite!! Saw the advert somewhere and thought of going to see it!! Great!! Thank you all! Xx’


‘Thanks very much for such an innovative performance of a remarkable historic event. Congratulations!’


‘Hello Juwon, great kudos to you and the rest of the cast. A wonderful performance. Really proud of you, Bro.’

Conversation with Jack Lookman

Leading up to the Book Launch, Juwon will be hosting a special Facebook LIVE discussion, a conversation with Jack Lookman (author and publisher)

Sunday, 31st of March, 2024 3.30pm (4pm start)

The book launch party includes a mini solo concert, readings and conversation with special guest Chukwunyere Kamalu

Signed copies of the bookwill be available to buy: £10 

An incredibly satisfying testimony confirming the strong role Black creatives play in shaping Opera’s Grand Design in the UK. Very rarely do we have this confirmation, Thank you Juwon and team for validating this suppressed truth.
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