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A multiplicity of personal truths

At Longfield Hall, where I'll be performing Afonja's Minstrel on November 3rd The advances of technology in recent years have given diverse communities of African descent the agency to express truths that would not have been acknowledged in the past. There are still...

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Just like the old times

When you’re long in the tooth enough, you should know what it feels like to pick up on old friendships and associations after being apart for a long time. In my experience, there are no guarantees that the relationship dynamics will be the same as they were back in...

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A different outcome

Mizingani Road Waterfront, Zanzibar Doing the rounds of recruiting performers, organizing rehearsals, negotiating with venues, carrying equipment (if roadies can’t be afforded), dealing with sound checks, waiting for the audience to arrive, doing the beat group thing,...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music