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Civics and History

As a youngster I was taught Civics by the Principal of my school. Looking back, it seems to me that the idea of including such a subject in the school’s curriculum was to build an understanding of the role that individual citizens should play in any culture or...

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Savouring the journey

As time passes, it becomes clearer that journeys are more important than destinations. This is not to suggest that we should wander aimlessly through life, without any goals or ideals. It's only when looking back on the way things have happened that one sometimes...

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To conform, or not to conform

Every community has notions about what is regarded as genteel behaviour. Individuals can opt to conform to that way of being, or they can choose to live on the margins. When a person has more than one set of cultural practices to consider, he or she has to exert more...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music