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What does composure feel like?

There are few role models of composure in the public arena nowadays. In Hollywood’s Golden era, there were several stars that symbolised the sort of stoicism that I have in mind here. Perhaps we are all too busy, trying to cope with the oversaturation of information...

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West End and Broadway Babes

Claiming on my part to admire the ethos of West End or Broadway theatre would require me to be economical with the truth. There was a time when I attended several press nights for West End productions and I had access to the after show parties. Witnessing the antics...

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By their friends ye shall know them

It was a sunny day. Some friends of mine were planning their wedding ceremony – to take place in a village out of London. They wanted me to play music in the service, so I went with them to see the Church and familiarise with the organ. On our arrival back in London,...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music