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A bourgeois view of greener grass

It is often said that opposites attract. Perhaps it is a sweeping generalisation to infer that this always the case. Sometimes a person with apparent bohemian aspirations turns out to be bourgeois in his or her subconscious actions. It usually takes a protracted...

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Long haul artists

Every person who works creatively and stays in the business for the long haul arrives at a time when they have to deal what it feels like to be seen as an “oldies” artist. It is interesting to observe those who take the matter in their strides and make the most of it....

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The truth looks like this

A cartoon I came across depicted a sculptor who had just completed a public piece of work. The image he created was of a hand showing the victory sign. He was very pleased with what he had done, but an observer put him on the spot with the remark “It looks different...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music