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“Life Force Music” – Juwon’s debut album is available through this site and all Tunecore outlets


An era of shooting from the hip

I feel fortunate to be functioning in an era when I can see films and other documented material made over the last one hundred years. Who knows what would be available to everyone if the cine camera and other similar gadgets had been discovered in earlier times? On...

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At the end of the tunnel

I have made a practice of setting aside the summer holiday weeks as a time for extended composition work and it has worked for me on several occasions. I usually begin with a sense of joyous expectation about having the time and space to create in a focused way. Once...

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How do you sleep?

For several years, I would listen to chakra meditation recordings at bedtime. It was suggested by those who produced the recordings that it would be most beneficial to play them all the way through the night. I have no scientific evidence that this practice made a...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music