It was in a well known pub in Soho that we first met. I was fresh faced and dressed in flowing, exotic clothes and you were friendly. That was the beginning of a friendship that spanned across decades.

Usually we met in London. Many of our meetings were over breakfast, in Bloomsbury, or in your digs in Highbury. Our social network widened, to include other friends and in my case, family members.

Then there were the times we met in New York – your home city. One such meeting was in a Cuban Chinese Restaurant that served hybridised delicacies. Another time was in your apartment, which was neat and compact.

When you discovered Facebook, we were able to engage with each other more frequently. Our friendship had its ups and downs.

Yesterday, I felt the urge to seek you out, only to find that you are now on the Spirit Plane. Coming to terms with this depressing news, I want to spare a moment for reflection about the long lasting connection we shared. I believe we’ll keep it going.

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