Dear Hearts,

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia once more! I’m back at the University of Richmond in the Department of Theatre and Dance working as the composer and music director of a new show inspired by Amos Tutuola’s “The Palm Wine Drinkard” entitled Threshold.

Some of you will remember that Threshold’s creative team (Chuck Mike, Oladipo Agboluaje and yours truly) started work on the show in 2012, when I was an international visiting scholar/artist at the University of Richmond, and we did some more work in London in August 2013, with a cast of fine UK actors. Now, we’re working on Threshold’s first ever real production.

Threshold has its world premiere in the Alice Jepson Theatre at The Modlin Center, University of Richmond on the 17th of April 2014. Before that, I am going to perform a concert featuring some of my recent compositions (from Progress Ceremony and other sources) in the University’s International Commons – a warm and intimate space. This concert will happen on the 8th of April and I’ll be joined by some of the Threshold cast, who will sing a medley of songs from the show.

Next on the agenda is a show with my band – The Life Force Band, at Vortex Jazz Club, London on Sunday, May 11th. This promises to be an action packed evening, so I hope you’ll make a note of the date from now. For ticket enquiries you can check things out on this link:

The show is promoted by Joyful Noise (of the London African Music Festival fame)
Meanwhile, my website is being updated by the excellent designer of the current one – Marva Jackson Lord of Griots Arts. If you visit over the next few weeks, you will notice a sudden change. Hope you’ll like what’s in store…

Obviously, you can get CDs of my album Life Force Music through the website or at any of my performances. For MP3s, please visit
It’s nice to revisit Richmond, see old friends and acquaintances, walk down the same lanes and hallways as I did a year ago. I also found myself stranded in New York (yet again!), due to delays at passport control at JFK Airport and flight cancellations due to inclement weather conditions. Where would I be without my friends in New York….. (!)

I’m grateful to Ayo Osinibi for giving me a place to hang my hat for two consecutive days while this was going on. Ayo also helped me when I had a similar problem, leaving Richmond in December 2012.

For any media enquiries please contact Debbie Golt of
Her email address is

You can follow me on Twitter at

I also have two You Tube channels:

I’ll leave you with the attached flyer for the Vortex Jazz Club show (May 11th 2014) in London

Best wishes,


Juwon Ogungbe and the Life Force Band

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