I was crossing the road at a particularly awkward junction where there is lots of traffic and someone was trying to attract my attention. Not calling my name, but calling me “Brother!” or something similar. Apart from doing my best to cross the road without getting hit by a motorist, I also had other things on my mind. Eventually I realised that this person was calling me.

“You were miles away!” he said, smiling. And I had to agree with him that my mind was focused on trying to reach my destination and what I was going to do on arrival. We exchanged pleasantries and parted ways. Does everyone use walking as time for deep thinking?

I am of the opinion that the human body was primarily designed for walking, with regard to getting around. Obviously it is wonderful that trains, boats, planes, cars and other forms of transport have been invented. They have helped to make us more productive in the time we have and have also enabled us to visit parts of the world that our forebears would never have dreamt of seeing.

It is interesting to note, that some folks who take these developments for granted also go on walking and climbing holidays in rural settings.

Those who don’t want to commit to regular exercise still have walking as a natural means of keeping fit. We can even devote some of our walking time to problem solving in ways that could be beneficial for the world as a whole.