Machiavelli’s most quoted saying is ‘The end justifies the means’. Instant gratification is appealing to folks who haven’t been sufficiently exposed to the idea that process is important.

A labour of love makes paying dues bearable and perhaps even enjoyable. Making something out of nothing is a challenge that demands passion and commitment. Some of us lack the patience required for experimentation. This is a fact of life.

In other cases, timidity can get in the way of creative discovery. It is possible to be a hard worker, who stops short of truly pushing the boat out creatively. The outcome of those efforts will be clear to others in the fullness of time.

Then there is the scenario where a creator is comfortable with personal exploration, but less fluent in dealing with group processes. No one is perfect, of course.

When an individual is willing to learn about his or her strengths and weaknesses, then a strong foundation can be erected, possibly leading to the formation of habits and processes that could generate output that is made to last.

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