Does size matter as much as many folks are led to believe?
Thinking about the impact of ideas, are The Bee Gees more influential on
Western popular culture than The Velvet Underground? Is it important to do
things in large expansive ways? Are there times when it makes sense to draw
inspiration and comfort from the smaller things in life? The answers to these
questions, depending on each person’s perspective, can point us in suitable
directions regarding life choices.Some people are motivated by making big splashes. 

After the
splash has been noticed by others, there is usually some time given
reflection about what it means in a particular area of what we do, or who
are. If there is something insightful about that reflection time, then those
who made the splash are remembered for being remarkable. Is it possible that
little splashes can sometimes carry remarkable messages?
Ripples from localised
activities have the potential to
change the way that the whole world sees things.
Television has led many of us
up the garden path for too long. When I talk to
children about their
consumption of content from mass communication outlets
nowadays, they are
mainly interested in You Tubers. I am pleased to say that
I have similar
How do these developments affect the future of higher
learning and education? Perhaps there will always be orchestras and big opera
companies, but the majority of people with the talents to be employed by them
are probably going to have to find other ways to express ideas.
The gate keepers
and custodians of the large organisations
that many of us have grown up wanting
to work for are soon going to be under
pressure to justify the amount of public
funding they receive.