I am happy to let you know that my homepage on www.bandcamp.com goes live from today.

For those who don’t know about these things, Bandcamp is a publishing platform for musicians. Bandcamp hosts homepages and provides a space for musicians with existing websites to stream full music tracks and albums.

During the lock down phases of 2020, I have produced a series of weekly podcasts called Multiverse which can be found at www.anchor.fm/juwon-ogungbe and weekly vlogs or video updates on IGTV, Facebook Live and Tik Tok. I’ve created and performed a new short song to go with each piece of content.

To launch my Bandcamp homepage, I have selected five songs from this output to be available for sale. There will be more to come pretty soon. My previous record releases are still available at https://music.apple.com/album/1042696067?amp%3Bapp=itunes&ls=1 and on other reputable digital platforms. I also have CDs of Life Force Music available for sale to anyone who prefers to use old skool formats.

Check out my Bandcamp homepage at https://juwonogungbe.bandcamp.com/music

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