Mystics have speculated about concepts such as reincarnation and karma from time immemorial. Those who only believe in the physical or material realms are likely to be dismissive of these thoughts, but there is no doubt that life force is an energy that probably morphs into various shapes and forms.

Those in the business of trying to make sense of this side of things sometimes say that these energies do not compel. They only impel. This way of thinking suggests that free will is important in our lives and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be hampered or restricted by the desires of our loved ones of blessed memory.

On the other hand, it is possible that we can get support from unseen energies as we try to make sense of the world. Sometimes circumstances fall into place in ways that seem to be uncanny. Some of us make it part of our life’s work to understand why these events happen. Others simply acknowledge that there has been some input from other sources and give thanks.

When one focuses on being present, there is only so much time for thinking about interventions from elsewhere. Shouldn’t it be enough to be humble and aware that there are forces and alignments that sometimes move things along for us?

Allegiance to one belief system or another should always be a matter of personal choice. It is likely that there is no right or wrong way of doing this.