Imagination is funny. It makes a cloudy day sunny, makes a bee think of honey, just like I think of you… go the opening lyrics of a well known jazz standard. Yet, in the performing arts, other aspects of being human are often conflated with the possession of imaginative flair.

It might be indelicate to suggest that the comeliness of being young and exotic looking is one of those features, or the mannerisms and turns of phrasing that are often acquired through having access to an expensive education, but this is true.

What happens to folks who have oodles of imagination, but less access to advantageous perks from life’s lottery? In some cases they feel disheartened, which leads to giving up hope that their ideas will spread and grow in value. Others feel traumatised by exposure to unfair treatment, so they take on aggrieved mindsets that affect the ways they deal with their fellow human beings.

Strength of character and the resolve to soldier on regardless are attributes that are rarely found, since many of us forget that we are not involved in a sprint. Living an imaginative life is much more of a marathon.

Patience and perseverance are also traits that come in handy when one has to deal with not being listened to or looked at. Everything must change, eventually.