Whose permission is most significant in a person’s life? The answer to this question lies to a great extent in upbringing and education, naturally.

Permission makes a difference to the way we make choices and decisions. Guidance is helpful in providing a sense of perspective, but ultimately each of us should know what’s right and meet, from hearing our inner voices.

Some folks bring offspring into the world and want to make choices for them, because they were denied opportunities to choose for themselves by their own parents.

Clusters are formed in order to set boundaries in many situations. Individuals often feel inhibited about being assertive, because they’ve been taught to comply from childhood. Occasionally, someone emerges into view who feels empowered enough to explore other options.

Such a person is regarded by many as a maverick or a trailblazer. Observers are inspired to emulate his or her actions. Would they do better to listen to their own inner voices and follow through on what they hear?

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