Beliefs, customs and traditions are open to interpretation. People who appear to be confident about modifying aspects of these constructs are often regarded as mavericks or rebels, unless if they are closely identified with cultures that allocate some space to healthy expressions of eccentricity.

Taboos and no go areas exist in all cultures. Some of us will feel inclined towards rocking boats or pushing them out. Extroverts and introverts approach such endeavours, using tactics that suit their respective energies and moods.

Some folks have character traits that could be described as nestling on the cusp in between extroverted and introverted behaviour. They are often regarded as unpredictable, when it shouldn’t really matter whether they are, or not.

If a person has radical ideas to share with others, is it mandatory that he or she chooses to do so in an outré fashion?

Human beings have created mores and values, in order to give some structure and boundaries to communal life. These attitudes and modes of behaviour are not set in stone. Our forebears made choices and we should reserve the right to make other ones that will suit our times.