Why do individuals go through rites of passage that are generally regarded as acceptable? Speaking for myself, I usually want to make decisions and choices based on thoughts and feelings I get from within.

This is not to suggest that I don’t have moments when I function on autopilot. I often catch myself reflecting about reasons why I’ve been swept along with following the rules of conventional behaviour.

Folks I’ve known for decades have told me I appear to be a ‘free spirit’. Order, structure, rules and regulations are useful for making sense of the cultures each of us live in. Are they always relevant in our day to day existences?

Schooling, upbringing and peer group learning should give us the nuts and bolts of cohesive co-existence. After a while, it’s up to all of us to negotiate our ways through life.

Compliance is often rewarded.  The link (or lack of thereof) between ‘fitting in’ and finding personal fulfilment is often not as clearly outlined as it ought to be.


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