I’ve been around long enough to know this: paths might cross at a particular point in time, thereby setting off a sequence of events, and then the job is done.

Sustaining friendships used to be exceptionally important to me. Then I spent time in places where it didn’t seem to matter very much to the folks I met. Accepting this modus operandi as valid way to function took several years, but now, I ‘get it’.

Peer pressure to be a ‘pack animal’ is more prevalent in some cultures than others. Personal achievement often comes as a result of tunnel vision. We can all choose how much we want to adhere to the codes of any community.

Reliance on the use of personal devices for communication more than face to face contact, is accentuating the situation.

There was a time when my peers and I would grumble about the impact of social media communication on the range of options we had for making new friends, compared to the world we used to know. Covid-19 has ushered in a whole new dynamic.

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